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    Wera in the press

    Press releases from various media about Wera can be accessed here.

    Toolbusiness + Hire

    Issue 251 November 2017

    BiTorsion and BitBoxes

    Toolbusiness + Hire

    Issue 249 September 2017

    Stunning new Bit-Boxes

    Toolbusiness + Hire, Issue 246 May 2017

    Issue 246 May 2017

    Wera 2go Helps us to Get Organised

    Tool Business and Hire

    March 2016

    Three driver sets from Wera

    Tool Business and Hire


    Wera Technicians´ Kits - All the Necessary

    ToolBusiness and Hire

    Juli/August 2014

    Mini-delights for engineers

    Fastener + Fixing

    August 2013

    Full house of wrenches

    Fastener and Fixing

    September 2012

    Wera App available on iTunes

    Tool and Business Hire

    June 2012


    Toolbank Trade Show

    Tool and Business Hire

    June 2011


    Wera Impaktor
    Future Driving - Now

    Tool and Business Hire

    March 2011


    Title Issue 184

    Tool and Business Hire

    March 2011


    Ratcheting up the pressure