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    Wera products are top quality, industrial-grade tools for professionals, who deserve knowledgeable, immediate, and preferably local support. As a relatively small team in the UK, this is something we can't always offer end users directly. We therefore only supply the market via a trusted network of experienced trade, retail and mail-order partners, ensuring end users receive top-notch pre-sales advice and after-sales support.

    Not supplying directly could keep us at arms-length from our users, which would be a huge loss for us. Their feedback, for example, often proves invaluable - many of our new lines come to fruition purely as a result of UK input! 

    So to ensure this interaction continues, we exhibit at several end user shows each year - allowing our passionate users to meet #TeamWera, get their hands on all the latest products, and really put us through our paces! As you buy directly from us at most of these shows you can also pick up some excellent bargains.

    So why not come and meet us Tool Rebels for yourself, the next time we're in your area? 


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