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    The completely newly developed bit boxes from Wera enable the bits to be removed by a lateral slider.
    The completely newly developed bit boxes from Wera enable the bits to be removed by a lateral slider.

    The new Bit Boxes from Wera: Super-simple removal of bits


    Wera's compact bit boxes are designed from the outside in such a way that the contents can be recognized at a glance. Symbols illustrate the individual product advantages. The size of the bits is represented in a coloured square whose colour indentifies the corresponding profile of the bits, in this case red for the Philips or PH output, via the Wera tool-finder "Take it easy".
    The range comprises a total of twelve differently equipped bit boxes ranging from high-quality impactor bits to universal standard bits. Due to the trans-parent rear side of the box, the user always has a good overview of the bits still contained therein.

    Compact boxes with the same bit type for mechanical screwdriving / Transparent backside allows the remaining number of bits to be recognized / Assortment with twelve differently equipped bit boxes / Impactor bits for screwdriving with impact wrenches / Diamond particles prevent slippage out of the screw / Special torsion zone prevents premature wear / Bit-Box for dry walling with processing quick-release screws / Boxes and bits are marked with Wera tool finder "Take it easy" /

    Wuppertal. For power users, who often use the same bit type for machine fittings, Wera has designed new bit boxes. They allow for a super-simple bit removal and repackaging after use: Simply push the slide on the side of the completely newly developed boxes upwards and the bits can be removed as easily as you could wish.

    Ergonomically designed

    The bit boxes are ideally suited to the well-known Wera design. They are also small and compact. This allows them to be stowed away comfortably in a pocket of your overalls so that the user always has their most important bits with them even in mobile situations. The back of the boxes is transpar-ent, so the user always has a good overview of the remaining number of bits.

    Range with twelve bit boxes

    The new range includes twelve differently equipped bit boxes. Depending on the model, 15 or 20 bits with the same profile are available in a box. Ex-amples of options are: three boxes with impactor bits from profiles from Philips, Pozidriv or TORX®. These bits have been specially developed for mechanical screwing with impact wrenches. They are used whenever the screwing tool is subjected to very high loads. For this purpose they offer a particularly high strength, which reduces the risk of premature tool break-age, and at the same time leads to a significant extension of the service life.

    Bits with bite

    In addition, small diamond particles are located on the tip of the impactor bits. They reduce the so-called cam-out forces, which can lead to the slip-ping out of the screws. If a high contact pressure is normally required in impact drills, the diamond particles "bite" correctly on the screw. This re-duces the required contact pressure - the user can reduce the force and thus carry out longer machine screw connections.

    Built-in torsion zone

    A further four boxes contain BiTorsion bits each with different profiles. With these bits, a special torsion zone prevents premature wear. It reduces the load peaks that occur on the tool and the screw so that the machining be-comes more proactive and safer. These bits are optionally available as a ductile version for universal use or as a hard version for screwdriving in wood.

    The range is rounded off by a bit box for drywall construction, which con-tains ductile bits with a reduced shaft diameter for the processing of high-speed screws with a Philips profile, as well as additional boxes with different bit profiles for universal use.

    With Wera tool-finder "Take it easy"


    The respective profiles are easily visible on the outside of the bit box. The sizes are also clearly readable; the color identification additionally simplifies the recognition of the bits. The different advantages of the bits can also be seen on the box for easy differentiation. In addition, the impactor and Bi-Torsion bits are marked with the Wera tool-finder "Take it easy". Coloured bands by profiles facilitate the search for the appropriate output. Thus, for example, the colour red identifies the Philips/PH output. An additional size stamping feature ensures a simple distinction within the profiles so that the user can find the matching bit even faster.


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